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About Us

G5 Integritas is a business intelligence and strategic advisory firm offering a wide range of customized services. We help organizations and executives prevent and mitigate risks associated with business development, international expansion, financial crimes, disputes, compliance, security and reputational matters.

We understand that these non-traditional risks have a significant impact on today’s markets and investors. Whether it is detecting fraud, unfair competition, researching mergers & acquisitions, new market entry, commercial disputes or when dealing with regulatory matters, we help shield our clients by providing them with the information and intelligence they need in order to make wise decisions.

Our offices located in Miami, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo  and Madrid allow us to operate throughout North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. In addition, our global network of associated professionals ensures that we meet our clients’ needs in all regions of the world.

Our Values

Our management values adhere to our belief in commitment, ethics, confidentiality and excellence. As a result, we consider that a high level of professionalism should be guided by measurable criteria and ethical values. 

We strive to become a trustworthy partner to our clients, enabling their growth, providing advice and support, facilitating decision-making and effectively adding value to their businesses. 

We aim to provide sound and reliable results by offering customized services and a personalized attention to meet our client’s expectations. Additionally, our confidentiality policy guarantees utmost secrecy on the information and projects developed.


• Provide services of the highest quality and confidentiality, designed to deal with situations of commercial, reputational, legal, regulatory and security risks.

• Be a trusted partner in the growth of our customers by offering advice and support for a sound decision making process, while adding value to their businesses efficiently.

• Optimize the resources and time of our clients by providing an accurate assessment of their vulnerabilities and risks, offering timely solutions to improve their positioning and competitiveness.

• Advise companies, organizations and individuals to prevent, correct, and recover hidden costs and financial losses caused by irregularities and non-traditional business risks.


Madrid + 34 91 1871729
United States  
Miami +1 (305) 371-7480 
Latin America & Caribbean 
Buenos Aires + 54 11 53539459
Miami +1 (305) 371-7480

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