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Case Studies

M&A Due Diligence

A corporation with multiple, strategically placed retail locations was approached by a prospective investor who wanted to invest in the company in order to fund its expansion.

The company, which specialized in selling to an exclusive, high-end audience, had little knowledge about the investor.

The business owner initially was not convinced that the proposal was a good opportunity, in part because it represented a loss of control over the company. Nonetheless, he reached an agreement with the investor, and they embarked on the expansion.

A short time later, the original business owner found that the competition had opened stores near some of his company’s existing locations. There were rumours that the competing company belonged to the investor, who was now his new business partner.

The client contracted our team to discover whether his new partner indeed was involved in a competing company and whether the investor was engaged in unethical business practices.

Our team presented the client with a full report of his new partner’s business activities. In the end, the rumor proved untrue.

The investor was not funding the new competing company, although the latter had employed one of the investor’s former employees. 


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